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  • Demand for More Security Off West Africa

    The Danish Shipowners’ Association pushing to increase security in the waters off West Africa. The Association is in contact with France, who as a  already are patrolling with warships in […]

  • Organized crime continues to affect West African countries

    A report by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) shows that transnational organized crime markets continue to fuel instability and hinder development in West Africa. Transnational organized […]

  • Piracy Soars in West African Waters

    The pirate business is booming. There were 27 attacks in Nigerian waters last year, compared to 10 the year before, according to the International Maritime Bureau. Piracy Soars in West African […]

  • Piracy falls in 2012

    The IMB warns that despite the drop in piracy in 2012 the seas off East and West Africa remain dangerous, and crews must remain vigilant.  Piracy falls in 2012, but […]

  • ISO 28007: The East /West Africa Paradox

    In this article Stephen Askins of Ince & Co explains the difference in applicable standards for private maritime security companies between East and West Africa. ISO 28007 and the East […]

  • Maritime Security in the Gulf of Guinea

    In the fourth of the MSR Viewpoint series, Maritime Security in the Gulf of Guinea, Alain Schembri of Gemini Maritime presents his views on the current situation in the Gulf […]

  • Piracy Spreads

    In East Africa, rates of piracy are falling thanks to greater coordination between naval forces, but in West African waters there have been three attacks in the last two weeks, […]

  • Growing Threat

    Piracy off the coast of Somalia has been at the centre of media attention for several years now, however, over the past few months attention has begun to shift to […]

  • Spike in Piracy

    The ICC International Maritime Bureau’s Piracy Reporting Centre (IMB-PRC) has recorded a spike in activity off the coast of West Africa. Increase in piracy off West Africa The ICC International […]

  • Maritime Security Summit

    As piracy continues to be on the rise, the United Nations is now pushing for a summit meeting of West African leaders aimed at thwarting high seas crimes in the […]