Iran to the Rescue

The Iranian Navy Deputy Commander Rear Admiral Seyyed Mahmoud Moussavi said that an Iranian bulk carrier has been rescued by the country’s Navy.

Mousavi added, “due to vigilance of the 15th flotilla of the Navy dispatched to high seas and Gulf of Aden and efforts of special operations teams, the Navy could save the Iranian carrier after several battles with the pirates.”

“Pirates attacked the Iranian vessel named “Saie” in three phases of conflicts respectively through four boats with 20 people onboard, 8 boats with 40 crew and 2 boats with 12 people, but they fled after their defeat in each phases.”

He continued, “Iran’s Navy has escorted more than 1030 oil-tanker and trade vessels through dispatching 15 flotillas to high seas of Aden Gulf and the Red Sea since 2008.”

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