Iranian Navy repels pirate attacks

Incidents were not officially reported elsewhere, as is typically the case with Iranian claims. 

Iranian Warships Repel Pirates’ Attacks on 2 Cargo Ships in High Seas

Iranian Navy warships rescued two cargo ships in Bab el-Mendeb and the Gulf of Aden after tough battles with pirates in the high seas.
In the first battle, the timely presence and action of the Iranian Navy’s 31st Flotilla thwarted an attack by eight pirate speed boats, equipped with various light and semi-heavy weapons, on a cargo ship in the Northern waters of Bab el-Mendeb, forcing the pirates to flee the scene.

In the second rescue mission, the Iranian warships also thwarted a similar attack by six pirate boats on another ship in the Gulf of Aden and also forced the pirates to escape.

The cargo ships were carrying medical and pharmaceutical products as well as raw factory materials worth millions of dollars to Iran.

In late July, the Iranian Navy dispatched its 31st flotilla to the Gulf of Aden and the high seas to protect the country’s cargo ships and oil tankers against pirates.

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