Drum Cussac and Ambrey agree deal

Ambrey to take on DC’s maritime business.

Drum Cussac and Ambrey Risk agree sale and purchase of Maritime Transits Security Business

Drum Cussac, the leading global business risk consultancy, and Ambrey Risk, the leading global maritime security risk management provider have agreed the sale and purchase of Drum Cussac’s maritime transits security division.

Drum Cussac’s transits security division provides expert security consultants, highly skilled in all marine environments, to protect commercial shipping from seaborne piracy threats, predominantly in the Lloyds of London High Risk Area (HRA) of the Indian Ocean. Drum Cussac has provided this service to a large number of clients since 2008.

Ambrey Risk, the largest provider of maritime security services in the HRA and maritime security training globally, will integrate Drum Cussac’s maritime transits operations staff and equipment into its existing business. This acquisition reaffirms Ambrey’s intent to be the primary supplier of security to the shipping industry and, as part of a bold investment programme, will further enhance services to commercial shipping and the Oil and Gas sectors.

Drum Cussac has taken the strategic decision to divest its transits security division as it focusses on its market leading risk mitigation technology; which complements and enables its core intelligence, security risk and crisis management services business. It will retain its highly regarded Offshore Projects Division to support its Oil and Gas clients’ seismic and drilling campaigns.

Transits security clients of Drum Cussac will not be adversely impacted by the transaction, as relevant staff and operational equipment will be directly transferred from Drum Cussac to Ambrey in line with a detailed transition plan. Both companies are working closely to ensure that this transition is managed compliantly and safely, thus ensuring continuity of service for all clients. Drum Cussac and Ambrey Risk are both certified to international, globally recognised standards and fully licenced by the UK Government.

Chris Charnley, CEO of Ambrey Risk said: “Drum Cussac has built an outstanding global risk management and security consultancy business and I am delighted that we have secured the acquisition of their very highly regarded maritime transits security division. Our decision to reinforce our success and increase our investment in the maritime security sector, whilst many lose focus will, we believe, continue to be one of our critical differentiators in the sector.”

Andrew Littlejohns, CEO of Drum Cussac, said: “I am delighted to have agreed the sale of our transits business to Ambrey Risk, who operate to the high standards that our transits clients require and have a clear strategy to be the primary supplier of armed security to the shipping industry. The strategic focus of Drum Cussac has evolved over the past 12 months. Our clear priority is the delivery of intelligence based, technology-enabled security and crisis risk management solutions. These capabilities allow our clients to better understand their global challenges and implement significantly more efficient and effective risk mitigation measures, enabling their businesses and people to operate globally to the safety standards that they expect. Our 15 years’ experience of supporting the world’s largest organisations means that we can now focus on advancing our market leading technology capabilities to deliver our core services in a 21st century context.”

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