Indian warship scrapes MV

Another incident for the navy to investigate.

Indian warship scrapes merchant vessel off Vizag, Navy orders probe

NEW DELHI: In a shocking incident on the high seas, which are open unlike congested coastal areas, a huge container merchant vessel collided sideways with a frontline Indian warship around 300 nautical miles off Visakhapatnam in the early hours on Friday.

The Navy promptly ordered a board of inquiry (BoI) into “the circumstances” that led to the mishap, which was described as “very serious” by insiders because a warship is supposed to maintain “a zone of sanitation” around it at all times.

There was not much damage to the 1,350-tonne missile corvette INS Kora after it was “scraped” by the 23,000-tonne Madelieine Rickers, on way to Colombo from Chittagong, at 3.53 am. But what has raised eyebrows is that a warship packed with radars and sensors could not detect the 184-metre long container carrier in time to avert the mishap, even if the merchant vessel’s 23-member crew was lax during the wee hours.

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