South East Asia

  • Politics and Ships

    China does not want to control all of the oil and natural gas rich South China Sea, according to officials Beijing only wants 80 percent. China Asserts Sea Claim With […]

  • US ‘trouble-making’

    The US State Department’s declared “close” monitoring of increased tensions in the South China Sea has caused problems with the authorities in Beijing. South China Sea: Beijing attacks US ‘trouble-making’ […]

  • Flashpoints

    Things are heating up in the Greater Pacific, in this article Foreign Policy examines five key spots to watch closely. 5 Flashpoints in the South China Sea As tensions mount […]

  • Tensions Increase

    Philippine President Benigno Aquino says his country will not back down in a territorial dispute with China. Philippines Slams China’s Establishment of Sansha City in South China Sea Philippine President […]

  • Sansha Garrison

    Beijing claims that it has authorized the creation of a military base in the area of a newly established city in a disputed part of the South China Sea. China Approves City […]

  • Malacca Strait Cooperation

    The Malacca Strait is quite unique, it is a shared border of Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand as well as connecting three major oceans: the South China Sea in the North, […]

  • Vietnam and Japan to Cooperate

    Vietnam and Japan agreed to step up cooperation in defense and maritime security during Japanese Minister of Foreign Affairs Koichiro Gemba’s visit to Vietnam from July 13-14. Vietnam, Japan agree […]

  • South China Sea Talks

    U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi met in Cambodia on Thursday to discuss how best to resolve territorial disputes in the South China Sea, […]

  • Disputed Islands

    Chinese State media reported today that while tensions rise with its neighbours over rival claims to the area, Beijing has sent a large fishing fleet to the sensitive Spratly Islands in the […]

  • Clinton Backs Vietnam

    U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is backing Vietnam’s efforts to resolve a dispute over mineral and fishing rights in the South China Sea. Clinton Backs Vietnamese Efforts to Resolve […]