South East Asia

  • Chinese Held Ransom

    According to Chinese state news media, North Korean gunmen operating in the Yellow Sea are demanding a ransom for the release of three Chinese fishing vessels and 29 crew members. […]

  • Maritime Security Consultations

    Diplomacy dominates today’s newspapers, with coverage of the first round of regular consultations on maritime security between China and Japan being most prominent. China-Japan maritime talks Papers including Beijing News […]

  • Tensions Increase

    Amidst ongoing tension between the Philippines and China over the Scarborough Shoal territorial dispute, a U.S. nuclear-powered submarine has been spotted off the coast of Subic Bay Freeport Zone. US sends nuclear-powered submarine […]

  • Maritime Dispute

    China has dispatched two of its maritime security vessels to patrol the waters off disputed islands in the Pacific Ocean. Japan, which has administrative control over the uninhabited islands, has […]

  • Enhanced Cooperation

    In a joint statement released following a meeting in Washington, the United States and the Philippines reaffirmed their common interest in maintaining freedom of navigation through collaboration. U.S., Philippines agree to enhance […]

  • Tensions in South China Sea

    China sends patrol ship to protect interests in territorial waters. The move underscores Beijing’s determination to protect its maritime interests in response to Manila’s refusal to withdraw ships from ‘Chinese […]

  • Disputed Seas Escalation

    The Philippines says its main naval vessel is engaged in a stand-off with Chinese surveillance ships at a disputed South China Sea shoal. Philippine Foreign Secretary Albert del Rosario (in photograph) […]

  • Sabre Rattling

    Chinese officials in Beijing are warning against any joint military patrols or exercises between Vietnam and the Philippines in the disputed South China Sea. China Warns Against Joint Exercises in […]

  • China Carrier Preps for Flight Ops?

    The People’s Liberation Army Navy may have made a significant step forward in its fixed-wing aviation capability. Photographs appear to confirm that the Chinese Navy has installed arrestor gear and […]

  • East China Sea Disputes

    The potential for bilateral discord was evident in 2010, when a Chinese trawler collided with two Japanese coastguard vessels near the Senkaku islands, an uninhabited archipelago in the East China […]