South East Asia

  • Sea Code

    Cambodia says Southeast Asian foreign ministers have moved closer to agreement on guidelines for preventing territorial disputes in the South China Sea. Cambodia Says ASEAN Ministers Agree to ‘Key Elements’ […]

  • Deadly Exchange

    Navy personnel exchanged fire with three pirates in the Straits of Malacca, leaving one pirate dead and the remaining two injured. Pirate killed in shoot-out with Navy Navy personnel exchanged […]

  • Maritime Dispute

    China’s Deputy Foreign Minister, Zhang Zhijun, summoned Vietnam’s Ambassador to China, Nguyen Van Tho, on Thursday to lodge a formal complaint over Vietnam’s claims to the Xisha and Nansha islands and adjacent waters […]

  • Tighten Security

    Authorities need to do more to secure Indonesia’s maritime borders according to a local lawmaker. Maritime security is a daunting task for the world’s largest archipelago nation, as well as a […]

  • Challenging Disputes

    Maritime disputes between China and some neighboring countries have escalated in recent years. A number of factors have contributed to the current maritime challenge. This article offers a Chinese view of […]

  • Piracy and Illegal Fishing

    The International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) and affiliated trade unions are to hold the Asia-Pacific regional conference in Jakarta next week to discuss sea crime in the region. ITF to […]

  • Constructive Role

    American plans to gradually move a large part of its warships to the Pacific region have raised concerns in China over respect to regional balances. Beijing has urged Washington to play “a […]

  • PALM 6

    As the United States seeks to put more focus in the Pacific, for the first time delegates from Washington were present at   the Pacific Island Leader’s Meeting (PALM). Pacific leader’s […]


    The regional forum of the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) has expressed concerns about the importance of peacefully solving disputes in the East Sea.  ASEAN Forum Reiterates Maritime Security Importance […]

  • Chinese Fishermen Freed

    All 29 Chinese fishermen kidnapped earlier this month by unidentified armed North Koreans have been freed and are on their way home, Chinese state media said on Sunday. Chinese fishermen […]