Private Security

  • Underwriter Response

    As the International Union of Marine Insurance prepares for its upcoming annual conference, president Ole Wikborg has spoken out on piracy. Mr Wikborg said the conference will have a significant […]

  • Going Private

    As the UK government continues its evaluation of private security provisions for ships, the UK shipping minister Mike Penning as spoken and stated that  “We do not want cowboys.” The list […]

  • No List

    Following the rather surprising Lloyd’s List article a couple of weeks ago, the International Group of ‘P&I clubs has vehemently denied that it has drawn up a confidential lists of […]

  • Armed Rules

    Norway has issued clarification on a number of issues relating to the deployment of armed guards. The Norwegian regulations set out the type of weaponry that can deployed, how to […]

  • Go East

    One of the largest companies providing armed guards for shipowners is to open an office in Hong Kong next month to help develop closer business links with Asian shipowners. A […]

  • Standard Bearers

    Lawyers are getting increasingly concerned about the issue of armed guards, and are urging clients to understand the legal boundaries that frame their use. Writing in Lloyd’s List, Andrew Preston and […]

  • Preferred Supplier

    According to media reports, the Danish shipowner TORM has named Protection Vessels International (PVI) as its preferred provider of guard services. An internal company announcement was made to employees that […]

  • Strait Success

    Reports have emerged of yet another successful intervention by armed guards onboard a cargoship attacked by pirates in the Bab al Mandab Strait. The guards reportedly deterred a pirate attack […]

  • Going Armed

    Swedish car shipper Wallenius Lines said it had deployed guards with rifles on its vessels to ward off Somali pirates, the first Swedish-flagged shipper to state publicly it had armed […]

  • Somalia: Three Britons released

    According to the BBC, Somalia has pardoned the three Britons caught bringing over £2m in cash into the country to pay a ransom to Somali pirates. The three individuals, together […]