Private Security

  • Change of Tack

    Given the apparent dependency on private security and the increasing use of armed guards it will come as little surprise to see that the industry view is changing. As if […]

  • Who Are You?

    With shipping facing a threat like no other off Somalia it seems we have been abandoned with only a private unregulated army of  former soldiers and marines, gap year students and nightclub bouncers, […]

  • Standard Bearers

    The call for maritime security firms to come together to create a code of conduct and ethics, has been answered by the launch of the Security Association for the Maritime […]


    PVI IS TO ASSIST EUNAVFOR IN THE PROSECUTION OF SUSPECTED PIRATES On the 5th April, A PVI security team prevented an attack on the ‘Pacific Opal’. During the exchange PVI […]

  • Video Evidence

    On the 5th April, an armed security team prevented an attack on the ‘Pacific Opal’. During the exchange the team, from security company PVI, recorded video evidence of the incident. 24 hours after […]

  • Indian Owner Demands

    Indian ship owners want to use of armed guards on board their vessels. The Indian National Shipowners Association (INSA) has insisted as “a first option for armed Naval guards from […]

  • Tooled Up

    An American observer has provided a handy guide to the best weaponry to end piracy by ending the pirates. So if there were no restrictions and you were putting together […]

  • Hudson-Trident Join AVRA

    In a notification released yesterdy afternoon, BIMCO announced that they and Aegis have invited the company Hudson-Trident Maritime Security Management on board the AVRA project. The notification reads: Dear Sirs, Since the launch […]

  • Call for Armed Guards

    Security companies believe that overt protection deters piracy. At an industry event jointly hosted by Gray Page and Protection Vessels International, delegates were told that the shipping industry needs to […]

  • Effectiveness Questioned

    BIMCO’S chief maritime security officer has criticised the industry practice of using armed security guards on vessels transiting the Indian Ocean. Giles Noakes has also questioned statistics that proponents of the […]