Private Security

  • Anarchy at Sea

    A Voyage through Pirate-Infested Waters By Andreas Ulrich While the European naval mission Atalanta avoids definitive contact with the pirates who plague the waters around the Horn of Africa, shipping […]

  • Armed Security – a credible deterrent to Piracy

    by Paul Gibbins, Director of Communications, Protection Vessels International At the recent conference ‘Combating Piracy’ in Hamburg, the shipping industry heard the brutal truth that when it comes to piracy, […]

  • Problems Grow

    The arrest of personnel involved in paying ransoms has certainly puzzled some in the industry, and has created yet another problem for shipowners In jailing six foreigners after they took £2.2m ($3.6m) into […]

  • Locked Up

    Three Britons have been sent to prison and fined for smuggling millions of dollars into Somalia allegedly intended to pay ransoms to pirates. Authorities said the Britons, along with an […]

  • Port Calls

    Private security escort vessels fighting piracy are seeking urgent clarification of the terms under which they can enter ports on key shipping routes. The call has come in the wake […]

  • Gun Crime

    Lawyers are waking to the fact that using armed guards on ships could lead to unforeseen litigation. The use of armed guards on board merchant vessels is increasing but the […]

  • Guards Freed

    Four British men detained in Eritrea for more than five months with no consular access have been released, the UK Foreign Office has said. The two ex-Marine guards and two […]

  • Double Blow

    The multi-million dollar ransom haul seized at Mogadishu airport, Somalia, was to be used as payment to release two ships and their 56 crew members. The $3.6 million was for […]

  • Armed Rise

    Shipping companies are being forced to use armed guards, after record numbers of attacks last year added $2.4 billion to costs. About 20 percent of ships in the Indian Ocean […]

  • Regulate or Regret

    According to George Orwell,“People sleep peaceably in their beds only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf”. The famous quote was heard at the IMO today, […]