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  • Be Cyber Aware At Sea

    Global Maritime Cyber Awareness Initiative Launched Be Cyber Aware At Sea By Jordan Wylie JWC International a leading provider of Maritime & Offshore Cyber Security Training Solutions have launched the […]

  • Robot ships and pirates

    Does no crew mean no target? How Pirates Will Adapt To The Future Of Robot Cargo Ships Kelsey Atherton What’s the going rate for a human life? Depending on a […]

  • Drones for Indian Navy?

    India had previously shown interest in purchasing these drones from the US, but attempts were thwarted as India was not a member of Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR). India seeks […]

  • Taking shape

    New Royal Navy ships still three years away, however. Taking shape at last: £6.3 billion hi-tech giants of the Royal Navy ROBERT FOX Each day and night some 5,000 men […]

  • Destroyers need huge refit

    The Royal Navy’s most modern warships are to be fitted with new engines because they keep breaking down. Type 45 destroyers: UK’s £1bn warships face engine refit By Jonathan Beale, […]

  • US drone tests continue

    US Navy continues drone tests. DARPA Awards Northrop Grumman Contract for Full-Scale Demonstration Program of Next-Generation Unmanned System for Maritime ISR and Strike The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) […]

  • Unmanned Warrior discussions underway

    Royal Navy is staging its first ‘robot wars’ next autumn. Unmanned Warrior discussions underway Representatives from more than 40 research and defence companies met to discuss how unmanned systems can […]

  • Unmanned vessel used in drill

    Security and anti-piracy exercises held. Unmanned vessel used in maritime security drill Yuen Sin Singapore has conducted a maritime security drill that saw the use of an unmanned surface vessel […]

  • UK defence cuts bite

    As ministers consider the latest defence review, it is time to scale down some of the equipment on order. Our Armed Forces need BMWs not Ferraris By Con Coughlin As […]

  • China’s New ‘Floating Islands’

    Mobile sea base project raises eyebrows. CHINA SECURITY: Are China’s New ‘Floating Islands’ Being Built for the Indian Ocean? By Joshua Philipp An odd project was unveiled at a recent […]