Technology Zone

  • China Advances Amphibious USV Development

    April 08: Wuchang Shipbuilding Industry Group, a Wuhan-based subsidiary of the state-owned China Shipbuilding Industry Company (CSIC), has delivered the first pre-production hull for the Marine Lizard amphibious combat unmanned […]

  • Eyes in the sky

    HawkEye 360’s toaster oven-size vehicles will scan the globe for telltale radio signals, revealing a secret world of dark ships. These New Satellites Will Hunt Pirates, and Maybe Terrorists By Kyle […]

  • Maritime braces for next cyber breach

    Security experts warn that a much more damaging incident than the AP Moller-Maersk NotPetya attack could be just around the corner Maritime braces for the next cyber breach by Michael Juliano […]

  • NATO looks at USVs

    NATO looks to tech solutions. Thirteen Allies to cooperate on the introduction of Maritime Unmanned Systems At our Summit in Brussels in July, NATO leaders endorsed the implementation of NATO’s […]

  • Sky’s the limit

    Increased drone use in maritime domain. Airbus and International SOS sign MOU on drone cargo delivery systems Airbus and International SOS, the world’s leading medical and security risk services company, […]

  • Israel’s USVs

    USVs to rule the waves? Israeli unmanned boats deliver firepower on the high seas Written by Arie Egozi African states are increasingly confronted by maritime crime and insecurity. One way to […]

  • The maritime cyber threat

    Why 50,000 ships are so vulnerable to cyberattacks The shipping industry has been slow to prepare adequate cybersecurity. Alexandersonscc/pixabay, CC BY-SA Keith Martin, Royal Holloway and Rory Hopcraft, Royal Holloway […]

  • Maritime embraces Galileo

    A first, EU researchers developed innovative technology using Galileo-type signals for maritime surveillance. Relevant authorities will now be able to continually and reliably monitor maritime traffic. Maritime embraces Galileo technology […]

  • Minister backs marcyber effort

    Minister of State for Trade and Export Promotion supports UK business Templar Executives The announcement of the partnership between Wärtsilä and Templar Executives to launch a world-class Cyber Academy and […]

  • Search and Rescue Market Report 2018

    Accelerating the delivery of maritime search and rescue depends on collaboration. As international SAR organisations find their assets stretched thin by mass-rescue operations in the Mediterranean and remote missions in […]