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  • Cyber security & maritime networks

    The older the ship’s network, the greater the risk. Cyber Security & the Challenge to Maritime Networks By Adrian Hartman & Paul Remick “Look at me: I am the Captain […]

  • Cyber threats to shipping

    Industry still lags behind in cyber-security awareness. Aronnax: Don’t think the data thieves aren’t interested in shipping by Craig Eason SHIPPING is lagging behind most other industries when it comes to […]

  • Marsec Experts Convene in San Diego

    Waterborne and facility security on agenda. Maritime Security Experts Convene in San Diego By Edward Lundquist Maritime security experts from federal, state and local jurisdictions are meeting in San Diego […]

  • Algorithm To Predict Pirate Attacks

    New software predicts ‘predator’ behaviour. US Navy Scientists Create Algorithm To Predict Pirate Attacks By Jill Arce Pirates have begun robbing shipping vessels and committing acts of criminal violence at sea […]

  • US Subs Suffer Tech Problem

    Undocumented weld repairs to be tested. Newest U.S. Submarines Suffer Technical Problem The U.S. Navy has restricted operations of its three newest submarines pending inspections and repairs due to a […]

  • HMS Defender ready for deployment

    HMS Defender is the fifth in class of the navy’s type 45 destroyers. UK Royal Navy’s Type 45 destroyer HMS Defender ready for deployment The UK Royal Navy’s Type 45 […]

  • Navy takes cyber threat seriously

    The new Type-26 Global Combat Ship has been designed to protect its weapons, engines and systems from cyber warfare. Cyber attacks ‘as big a threat to new warships as missiles […]

  • US Navy plans railguns, lasers on ships by 2020

    Laser to be upgraded from 30Kw to 100Kw. US Navy plans to upgrade powerful railguns, laser weapons on ships by 2020 By Darwin Malicdem The United States Navy is taking the […]

  • China to build new amphibious assault ship

    M1 promises big things. China to build 40,000-ton amphibious assault ship: Kanwa To compete against the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force’s Izumo-class helicopter destroyers, China is planning to build a new […]

  • Prioritizing Russia’s Navy Is Pointless

    West views it as ‘work in progress’. Prioritizing Russia’s Navy Is Pointless (Op-Ed) By Mark Galeotti As President Vladimir Putin joined the annual Navy Day celebrations in Kaliningrad on Sunday, and at the same time approved […]