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  • Hijacked twice by pirates

    Hijacked and abducted by Nigerian pirates and then Somali pirates.  The man who was kidnapped by pirates – twice Kings Nehemiah Okoye, a Nigerian marine engineer, has been a seafarer […]

  • Anti-piracy software begins testing

    EU PMAR anti-piracy software begins testing The European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) has developed a new anti-piracy software system that is currently being tested in two maritime operational centres […]

  • Chasing West Africa’s pirates

    Piracy and maritime crime in the Gulf of Guinea under the spotlight. Danger zone: Chasing West Africa’s pirates By Mary Harper Take a boat ride out from the Nigerian port […]

  • UN renews anti-piracy plans

    UN pledges to continue fight against Somali pirates. Security Council Renews Action to Fight Piracy off Somali Coast, Calling for Deployment of Vessels, Arms, Military Aircraft Expressing continued grave concern […]

  • Strengthening coastline security a must

    CG points to terror risk on West coast.  Strengthening coastline security a must: Coast Guard RAGHAVA M. The security situation along the West coast, including Karnataka, is fragile. There is […]

  • Security and Anti-Piracy. What is next?

    The impact on crews of piracy. Security and Anti-Piracy. What is next? What we expect in the future? Piracy will not go away, it is shifting and some people are […]

  • Singapore adds surveillance blimp

    Eye-in-the-Sky Blimp Boosts Singapore’s Spying Ability By Kyunghee Park A missing airplane and a rise in piracy attacks off the coast of Singapore has prompted the city-state to boost surveillance […]

  • Where are all the Somali pirates?

    Navies, PMSCs and increase in prosecutions are suppressing piracy off Somalia. Where are all the Somali pirates? By BRIAN RIES In a year that’s seen the rise of the Islamic […]

  • Securing Ghana’s offshore resources

    Can Ghana avoid the maritime security issues which plague other Gulf of Guinea nations? Securing Ghana’s Offshore Resources In the Face of Piracy By Mutaru Mumuni Muqthar The Horn of Africa […]

  • Human Rights Supporters Rally to Protect Seafarers

    Human Rights at Sea gains traction.  Human Rights Supporters Rally to Protect Seafarers The Human Rights at Sea international maritime initiative led by English barrister David Hammond is gaining momentum […]