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  • Going Global

    Piracy is one of the most resilient business models ever, a fact which has prompted fears that it may be set to go global once again. As the latest IMB reports […]

  • Benin Again

    Pirates rob chemical tanker off the coast of Benin amid mounting piracy threats in West Africa. The International Maritime Bureau says armed pirates have raided a chemical tanker off the […]

  • Stat Attack

    Over 260 pirate attacks were witnessed on world’s seas in the first six months of the year, most of them by Somali pirates in the Arabian Sea. However the number of […]

  • Piracy Prone

    Five African countries along the continent’s sea coast have been listed by the International Maritime Bureau (IMB) as risky areas for the movement of vessels and ships due to attacks […]

  • Attack Foiled

    A chemical oil tanker foiled a hijack attempt by pirates near the Omani port of Salalah on Sunday, a day after a tanker and crew were snatched from inside the […]

  • Stat Attack

    The world’s three biggest flag States reported last month that pirates took 1,090 sailors hostage last year. Panama, Liberia and the Marshall Islands said that 4,185 seafarers were attacked with […]

  • Going Up

    Attacks on the world’s seas are soaring as armed and dangerous pirates become increasingly emboldened, seizing more ships than before and taking even bigger risks. The International Maritime Bureau (IMB) […]

  • Benin Bite

    The IMB has warned ships to be vigilant when travelling past Benin following a spate of piracy attacks off the west African country. Noel Choong, head of the Kuala Lumpur-based […]

  • Tipping Point

    Brutal attacks on captured seafarers have reached a “tipping point”, and according to the International Maritime Bureau (IMB) it is time for a drag-net approach to clamp down on the […]

  • Game Changes

    There are concerns being voiced that Somali pirates now have the capability of reaching the coastal waters of other nations. Particularly at risk are the waters around Sri Lanka, down […]