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  • Container Theft

    Recycling association works with the International Maritime Bureau in an effort to prevent criminal activity. BIR to Address Fraud, Theft from Export Containers The Bureau of International Recycling, (BIR) Brussels, […]

  • Zero Attacks

    For the first time in the last five years, there have been no pirate attacks off the east coast of Africa for a full month. Piracy Attacks Drop to Zero […]

  • Drop in Piracy

    Pirate attacks off Somalia dropped to zero for the first full month since the menace emerged more than five years ago, new figures show. Piracy attacks drop to zero for […]

  • Challenging Sea Power

    The anti-maritime crimes arm of the International Chambers of Commerce in its 2011 piracy report documented that there were 439 reported incidents of piracy worldwide, slightly better than 2010 during […]

  • Container Security Challenges

    The results of a recent survey conducted by the ICC International Maritime Bureau (IMB) in conjunction with an international trade association have served to underline the challenges associated with container […]

  • LRAD

    Long Range Acoustic Hailing Devices, more commonly known as LRAD, enable vessels to hail, notify and warn approaching vessels at significant ranges with clear voice or prerecorded messages in any language.  […]

  • Crime wave

    The changing nature of piracy and related illegal maritime activity has forced a rethink in the way governments and businesses approach the threat, writes Alex Chitty Crime wave Alex Chitty, […]

  • Failure Rate

    Navies and ships thwarted an increasing number of attacks by Somali pirates this year as incidents worldwide rose to a record, the International Maritime Bureau said. Of 199 attacks by […]

  • Tanker Details

    More details have emerged to confirm the IMB report on the latest attack off Nigeria. Twenty Eastern European sailors were captured when the oil tanker “MT Cape Bird”, was hijacked […]

  • All Time High

    Global attacks on ships rose to an all-time high of 266 during the first six months of 2011, up from 196 in 2010, according to the International Maritime Bureau (IMB). […]