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  • South Korea OKs deployment extension

    The parliamentary defense committee on Monday approved a bill to extend South Korea’s troop deployment in Somalia, the United Arab Emirates and Afghanistan to conduct their missions by another year. […]

  • Somali Piracy Lowest in Seven Years

    Pirate attacks off the coast of Somalia and in the Gulf of Aden dropped to their lowest level since 2006, an international watch group said on Monday Somali piracy drops […]

  • Environment and Security

    In the light of the IMB’s report on maritime crime in West Africa, last Thursday’s panel discussion at The House of Commons was both extremely well timed and topical Environment […]

  • Maritime Security in the Gulf of Guinea

    In the fourth of the MSR Viewpoint series, Maritime Security in the Gulf of Guinea, Alain Schembri of Gemini Maritime presents his views on the current situation in the Gulf […]

  • Growing Threat

    Piracy off the coast of Somalia has been at the centre of media attention for several years now, however, over the past few months attention has begun to shift to […]

  • Hijacked Tanker Retaken

    A shipping company spokesman says an oil tanker seized by pirates off of Nigeria’s coast has been retaken by the country’s navy. Nigeria navy retakes hijacked oil tanker off coast […]

  • Hijacked in Lagos

    Pirates have hijacked a Singapore-owned oil tanker in the Nigerian port of Lagos – the third attack in just over two weeks in the Gulf of Guinea, the International Maritime […]

  • Operational Pause?

    Since its onset in June, the SW monsoon has caused a lull in Somali piracy – conditions prevent skiffs being launched. Somali pirates are, however, very persistent. In this article Dryad Maritime’s […]

  • Pirates Seize Oil Tanker

    According to the International Maritime Bureau, pirates have seized an oil tanker off the coast of Togo. Pirates Seize Oil Tanker By Mark Lowe, Maritime Security Review Noel Choong of […]

  • Troubled Waters

    Pirate attacks worldwide has witnessed a sharp decline in the first half of 2012 as international naval efforts played a key role in “frustrating” the menace posed by Somali pirates, […]