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  • IMB notes piracy increase

    IMB notes increase in piracy. Maritime piracy report sees first Somali hijackings after five-year lull Pirates and armed robbers attacked 43 ships and captured 58 seafarers in the first quarter […]

  • Fighting Gulf of Guinea piracy

    Strategies to combat piracy already exist, but countries must navigate the pitfalls that hinder implementation. Fighting rising piracy in the Gulf of Guinea BY BARTHÉLEMY BLÉDÉ ‘The Gulf of Guinea, […]

  • IMB sees piracy fall

    IMB announces drop in reports. World piracy plummets to 20-year low: Maritime watchdog KUALA LUMPUR: Pirate attacks worldwide fell to a 20-year low in the third quarter, the International Maritime […]

  • Indo to join ReCAAP?

    Country has yet to sign up to regional anti-piracy agreement. Indonesia called on to join ReCAAP in combating piracy Liza Yosephine Indonesia may get stronger support for its fight against […]

  • Nigeria still the piracy hot spot

    If anything, that figure is conservative. Nigeria sees nearly one pirate attack a week By Tiffany Ap (CNN) Crime on the high seas has nearly halved in the last five […]

  • Piracy and crime in SE Asia

    How crime reporting itself affects the statistics. The true story of piracy in Asia Sam Bateman Superficially it looks as though Southeast Asia is the major hot spot for piracy. […]

  • BIMCO seeks standardised piracy reports

    Hopes move will unify terms used in reports and improve statistics. BIMCO seeks standardised piracy reports by Philip Rood in London Shipowners organisation the Baltic and International Maritime Council (BIMCO) […]

  • A positive response to piracy

    IMB sees positive news in the fight against piracy. Arrests and prosecutions – a positive response to piracy Despite an overall global reduction in serious piracy attacks this year, the […]

  • Southeast Asian piracy results

    IMB issues third quarter report. Southeast Asian piracy action seeing results: IMB By Marcus Hand from Singapore The International Maritime Bureau (IMB) says a crackdown on piracy in Southeast Asia […]

  • IMB calls for global reporting

    Maritime crime a global issue which requires global picture. IMB calls for global reporting mechanism to tackle piracy SAM CHAMBERS In response to global statistics showing a continual increase in […]