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  • Nigeria sees conspiracy

    Short answer: No, Nigeria, you just don’t have legislation to combat and deter maritime crime. Maritime Piracy : Is there conspiracy against Nigeria? By Godwin Oritse & Godfrey Bivbere There […]

  • ReCAAP round table

    Would one reporting body be sufficient? ReCAAP ISC and RSIS Co-organises Maritime Roundtable  on “Single Reporting Centre” for Piracy and Sea Robbery This is the first Maritime Roundtable co-organised by […]

  • IMB posts piracy stats

    IMB’s latest report makes for grim reading. Pirate attacks worsen in Gulf of Guinea London and Kuala Lumpur, 10 April 2018 – A surge in armed attacks against ships around […]

  • SE Asia’s robbery problem

    Not a surprise for industry watchers. SE Asian Ports Lead the World for Armed Robbery The anchorages at Chittagong, Manila and Pulau Bintan led the world last year for armed robberies, […]

  • IMB issues report

    IMB issues its annual report. IMB: Global Piracy at 22-Year Low, Somalian Dangers Rise A total of 180 incidents of piracy and armed robbery against ships were reported to the […]

  • Ending Piracy in Nigerian Waters

    Another year, same old problems. Ending Piracy in Nigerian Waters Recently, the International Maritime Bureau (IMB) released a report naming Nigeria as one of the hotspots for sea piracy. The […]

  • UAVs to counter piracy?

    Drones could help close the capabilities gaps that allow pirates to flourish in Asian waters. Countering the ‘Pirates’ Paradise’: Unmanned Systems and Marine Security in Southeast Asia By Tobias Burgers and […]

  • IMB issues report

    A report from the ICC International Maritime Bureau urged ship masters to be vigilant when sailing in high-risk areas. International report charts continued threat from global piracy Ramola Talwar Badam Somali pirates […]

  • Piracy threat in West Africa

    Despite recent drop in activity, threat remains. Piracy situation still serious in the Gulf of Guinea European shipowners are concerned about the continued piracy, armed robbery attacks and kidnapping for […]

  • Asia’s Deadly Pirates

    Asia sees more kidnappings and armed robberies at sea than anywhere else in the world. Asia’s Deadly Pirates By Neil Thompson Despite genuine improvements in maritime security by Asian littoral states […]