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  • Italy Jails More Somali Pirates

    Less than a week after Italian courts sentenced a group of Somali pirates to heavy jail terms for the attempted hijack of the Montescristo…

  • Somali Pirates Sentenced

    MSR’s correspondent in Italy Enzo Mangini reports on the sentencing of the 8 Somalis accused of the attempted hijack of the Italian merchant vessel Montecristo. Somali Pirates Sentenced to 16 […]

  • Montecristo Hijack Trial

    MSR’s correspondent in Italy Enzo Mangini continues to report from Rome on the first piracy trial in modern Italian judicial history. The Montecristo Hijack Trial By Enzo Mangini, Maritime Security […]

  • Liberating the Montecristo

    The commanding officer of the Royal Marines unit charged with the dramatic rescue mission to free two dozen sailors from the hijacked Italian ship Montecristo, has given testimony in the […]

  • Landmark Trial

    A dramatic turning point took place in the Rebibbia courtroom bunker during the third hearing of the trial against the alleged Somali pirates last week. Gerry Northwood, commander of HMS […]

  • Assalto alla Montecristo

    Otto giovani somali, gli imputati nel primo processo sulla pirateria contemporanea che si è aperto oggi a Roma. A ROMA IL PRIMO PROCESSO CONTRO PRESUNTI PIRATI SOMALI Si è aperto […]

  • Blow by Blow

    The full story of the rescue of the hijacked freighter “Montecristo” has emerged after a statement to the BBC by Captain Gerry Northwood regarding the role of the British Royal […]

  • Citadel Debate

    The re-taking of the “Montecristo” has prompted much debate on security measures. Onboard the vessel it was felt that the presence of unarmed security guards contributed to defeating the attack […]

  • Vessel Re-taken

    British and US naval forces have rescued 23 hostages from an Italian ship hijacked by Somali pirates. The 56,000-tonne bulk carrier Montecristo was hijacked 620 miles (1,000km) off Somalia on […]