Citadel Debate

The re-taking of the “Montecristo” has prompted much debate on security measures.

Onboard the vessel it was felt that the presence of unarmed security guards contributed to defeating the attack attempt.

Also the fact that the crew were able to retreat into a citadel from where they could control the vessel also made for a game changer.

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2 Replies to “Citadel Debate”

  1. Ryan Pearce

    It is still my opinion that there may come a time where a PAG, unable to gain access to a citadel, may intentionally scuttle a vessel with the crew trapped inside. At that point, maybe the industry will realize that the citadel is a last-ditch effort–not a first reaction.

  2. Paul Clarke

    Our GRYPHON unit is designed for exactly this sort of situation. Locked down crew in the citadel, unable to navigate or communicate to the outside world is a frustrating place to be. Our device gives tracking data on the vessels exact location to coalition forces in addition to direct voice and SMS communications into the citadel to allow interdiction to take place quickly and efficiently. See for more information or email

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